1. Inexperienced Team — most of the individual or team really wanted to start having an nft project (game, art, utility etc.). Inexperience doesn’t mean 1 person or a few, It is a whole bunch of team performance. We are talking about individuality here while we are writing this. Experienced team means communication with each other plus work and hard earned experience in the past.
  2. Lack of Ideas/Suggestion — Of course!!!! This is one of the critical parts of building a project. Have you seen a project that succeeds with lack of ideas? Hahaha!!! Never!!! What we are telling about this is from project ideas to community ideas. This always helps a project succeed.
  3. Unbalanced Ecosystem — hmmmm what are we referring to? We have projects, communities, etc. But ideas from game development are late with millions of years having passed (exaggeration). Members including token investors don’t really tolerate late or delayed development (well others cannot just wait for a game to be developed BECAUSE THEY ARE INVESTORS — they just said that. hahaha!!!) It just shows that the community is hyped up with the project but the delivery is delayed. This is one of the factors why most of the members, not all, are leaving a project.
  4. Quality projects — last but not the least is the quality. Expectation versus Reality? The game has a nice video trailer, good tokenomics distribution, a very supportive community but but but WHAT THE………. Video trailers and game sneak peeks are very different from the game itself. Why did we include this? Because what they promised should be delivered.
WIP (Work in Progress)
  • Governance Token
  • Currency used for buying and selling NFTS
  • Staking rewards and staking NFT prizes
  • It isn’t an in-game resource
  • Reward token
  • Used primarily in-game for upgrading NFTs
  • Can be deposited and withdrawn from game
  • It can be spent in-game will be burned automatically
  • Headquarters NFt upgrades
  • Hero NFT upgrades
  • Statue NFT upgrades
  • Purchasing gold and oil
  • Process speed-ups
  • Skins and decorations
  • Winning an attack
  • Successful defense
  • Base obstacles
  • Completing Challenges
  • Partnering Base with other players
  • Wagered matches



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