The Conclusion: Clan Campaign

We are near yet so far……… ahahahaha

Yes we are!!!!! The Clan Campaign is about to end but we are still long way before the game. There are still work in progress and we still have more to look forward for.

It is amazing that a project like this has founders and backers that are very dedicated to the game they are developing. One key component of having a good project development is how they reward the community by having events and activities that the members can participate with. Just like this Clan Campaign…

Why this campaign is very vital to the project? Of course it is!!!!! Community is one of the aspects of project development, if you don’t have a supporting community who else will play your game, right?!!!!! Clan Campaign — offers you a wealthy of rewards such as CBT (Closed Beta) key, Arcana Skin (Grane) and Whitelist spot.

CBT (Closed Beta) key — this is need for you to enter the beta phase of the game

Arcana Skin — the very first skin to introduce in Koakuma (only 1,000 skins to produce)

Whitelist — a spot to be part of the nft sale of the project

These are the benefits that you will get upon joining the campaign. Yet, the campaign will end soon. Sad!!!! Sad??? no way!!!! We’ve just entered the 2nd quarter of the year. There will still be a lot of events and activities to look forward to.

To know more about the project. Kindly follow their social media below.



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